WriteOn! Journaling Workshops are a mission of creative expression designed to help you learn how to move beyond ideas and words into feelings and intuitive knowledge…even if you’re not a writer.

Words can translate true feelings, and feelings communicate both simple and complex needs to the open heart and mind. Some say, ‘I write to know what my heart understands’ – Oh Yeah!

How To Sign Up for Your WriteOn! Journaling Workshops

I can work with you in 3 ways:

Specifically tailored and focused by interest or need, monthly workshops are held in Northern California communities and in webinars featured on this website! Our Workshops are designed specifically for anyone who desires to get in touch with their inner wisdom, and learn how to stay connected to this amazing source of inner strength through the practice of journaling. Register Here

Here is where your greatest journey begins. Whether you could use a little help or a great deal of guidance, you’ll find your answers within, through the art of journaling. The effects are unexpected and far-reaching, even for those I have worked with who were my greatest cynics to start with! For many, WriteOn! Journaling has proved essential as a launching point in their quest to write for a living. Producing works to share with others is a whole new level of giving and receiving in your ever-expanding circle of creative expression. Contact Me to get started.

I partner with businesses, life coaches, City and Government agencies and non-profit and for-profit organizations to help lead your team with journaling workshops for today’s movers and shakers. Through WriteOn! Journaling Workshops I present a developed and customized writing process to help any population of a cohesive unit excel. Each journal is what the writer makes it, and you can make a difference with yours! For more information, Contact Me Here.

Sheri, I just had to email you and tell you what happened! The relationship I was in for three years, that ended? Well, it 're-surfaced' recently and I contemplated. BUT, I have to tell you what happened! I went back through my journal writing that you encouraged me to practice. I saw patterns. I wrote down a list of all of the 'disgruntling' parts of the relationship that showed up in these patterns. I presented them to him and asked him, where he was on these issues today, now two years later. He was in EXACTLY the same place as when we ended things!! By writing in my Journal how the relationship experience was for me, I was able to see the patterns and use my own inate intution to know this was still not a place I wanted to go back to. It was like having my mother offer me advice, only it was from within my own intuition! WOW!! this is just amazing to me and I am a 'life-timer', haha! Thank you again for introducing me to Journal writing!

C. M.