The WriteOn! Journaling – The Manifesto






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 “It is time you start listening to and addressing that pang feeling going on around your heart area. The one that is hollering to you that something is not working any longer and you are well overdue for paying attention to the longings going on in your soul!!”



There, I said it and hopefully you know how sincere I am in what I wish for you!



I am your gal and you are in the right place!! For years, I have been mentoring and coaxing and opening people up by way of Journal Writing.


I decided it was time to take this bigger! (See, I have that same feeling in my chest at times too!) I often think of myself as a Perspective Alchemist and I cannot get this work to enough of the hurting people, fast enough!




That you are here tells me you are the student that is ready, and I am willing to lead you to your teacher that has appeared.


Are you feelin’ it? …



You and I are going to start making some progress. And by that, I mean you are going to start figuring out what the screaming is all about! Your soul misses you, and the world needs you!



And yes, for those of you who believe you are problem-free, but just feeling ‘stuck’ in your creativity, you are not excused from class. There is much here for you as well! So here is how we’re going to do it:




host workshops. Yea, I hate calling them workshops because some of you may be turned off by the idea of work. Kind of like the word ‘God’. I am cool with God and I am cool with Work that needs to be done, and is way overdue! BUT for those of you that honor your hang-ups, you can replace ‘Work’ with ‘Fun’ and we will be having some Funshops.



I host these group Funshops both in-person, in a beautiful bit of Northern California heaven (ok, ok…there you go again. ‘Paradise’ if you can’t handle ‘Heaven’) and online with my beautiful mugshot, and all of my other attendees’ mugshots (should you all choose), via a webinar-livingroom.



For those that are shutting down your computer, DON’T just yet. Yes, I did say ‘other attendees’ and I know that may scare some of you into thinking this is going to be like a group therapy session sorta thingy, with tissues and drama. Hang with me (again) a bit here.



Writing, yes it can be therapeutic. And Journaling sort of writing, it is self-therapeutic, much cheaper than some of the alternatives**.



Additionally, a group environment can be very highly effective, in that it offers a single attendee a supportive environment that they may not experience otherwise. Like, imagine your kids at home. Your boss. Your significant-other partner, sitting down to Journaling with you. Yea, kinda just what I am thinkin’…nuh uh! Sometimes those we love most….well, they just don’t quite ‘get’ it. And studies have shown that working within a group of kindred or like-minded folk, well it just does something unbelievable. It helps each individual feel a part of a collective effort. Not Alone. Support. Yea, now you feel it, don’t you?






Your fun will be to just show up and be willing to hunker down for a bit, and know that beauty is to be found on the other side. You need not have any previous experience with Journaling, or you may have extensive. There is one mandatory requirement: willingness. Yup, that’s necessary. You, along with fellow Funshop attendees, will follow my lead and we will work through/play with a few writing methods.


I hold your hand and give you examples or prompts or a kick in the arse, whatever we find is needed. TRUST ME!! I know this shit works. I have been doing and using it for years, and I have witnessed many a cynic become converts. (WHAT is with all of my religious connotations???? Seriously, I am sorry! Not intentional, but if the shoe fits, I believe in buying it!!)


If you’d like just a taste of this feast to see if I am telling you the truth, check this out – ALWAYS free! Once we get started together, working for a few weeks, focused on a specific topic or area of life, you will find the greatest benefit, by sticking with it. Showing up each week.






Will take a few weeks for each topic, working with some specifically-targeted Journaling methods, drawing from my over 50+ Journaling methods to ‘break on through to the other side’ of what ails your poor and longing soul’s screams. For those of you who might need just a tinsie weentsie bit more time, I have a YEAR LONG signature workshop oops, Funshop.


This is my most comprehensive, and has been known to take some folks…well…even. longer. than. a. year. And at times, there are Funshops that go as long as somewhere in between a few weeks and F O R E V E R. It’s random, so be flexible.


Flexible is necessary.



So again, to summarize:


  • A few weeks.


  • You show up with willingness.


  • We forge.


  • You win!


  • Your soul settles down and smiles.



If you come to my in-person, well…we may just have to have a little nibblets and well, adult beverage 😉 😉 since that’s sorta what we do here in Napa Valley. It may also be a requirement during our webinars??



During all of our forging and winning and soul-smiling, if it appears to you and I and our new ‘FunFriends’, that I’ve yet to come up with a method or workshop that seems to fit a crazy-ass aspect of life that has slipped through the cracks, well…. just wait a minute or two and my crazy-creative mind will come up with it. (This is another area you will need to trust me. It is an uncanny knack I am gifted with – creation that opens the space and fits a need).


If all of that boasting doesn’t cut it for you, check this out: I am trained and certified in the beautiful Ms. Kathleen Adam’s ‘Journal To The Self’™ methods. Additionally, I have become strongly converted in and licensed to facilitate Danielle LaPorte’s, ‘Desire Map’™ !   (Can you say CDF’s: Supported, Enthusiastic, Significant, Ease, Free! and Grateful) YEA, I know. Impressive, right? What I am about to say is what’s more important than impressive:


What I am getting at is that YOU, working through your S.H.I.T (Soul’s Horrendous Imitation of a Tantrum) by way of what I have found to be effective, it will create a magic. Here’s where I am going to get a bit serious. Life is a gift. It is a short and oh so precious gift. And it is my belief that we all come here knowing. Having a real ‘knowing’. About a LOT of topics.


We often find ourselves having gotten distracted with what we are directed toward, such as families of origin, schooling, work, families again, bills, hurts, betrayals, lost dreams, and the such. We ‘lose our way’ if you will. We struggle to heal. We get STUCK! BUT, underneath it all, we still ‘know’. Journaling is a most underutilized and misunderstood path to ‘re-discovering what we already know’.


This is more than just my opinion, there is much research around the astounding benefits of Journaling. If you are a ‘love information on research’ kind of junkie as I am, then go HERE  to get my list of just a few articles I have found WOW! amazing on the benefits of Journaling. Trust me, we are talking blood-pressure-reducing sort of amazing!! To take this all a bit further, for nearly 30 years of my life, I struggled with knowing who I authentically, genuinely was and what the hell exactly it was that I wanted. In the words of the most awesome U2, I wanted to find that street that had no names where I could “…tear down the walls that hold me inside…’! And it wasn’t until I did go inward, that I was able to find what I now can offer the world outwardly.


My journal went along with me on this journey, and didn’t judge me. Instead, I found my truths. People, you want to take this journey. Trust me (again)!


I am here both for and with you, but I am only someone to show you the Journal. Some of her methods.


To help you mind the huge gap that stands between where you are today and where you so long to be. It is YOU that will be your greatest asset.


Your wisest Gandalf, and your most beautiful soul! Let’s get you to know your unknowns, by Journaling to answer your what if?’s.


Let’s settle your ‘effing sick of it’ unsettled feeling. – You back as the captain of your soul. Man does that sound AHHHmazing, or what?


As I mentioned earlier, there is so much beauty to be found just this side of these soul longings. Let’s honor them together, shall we?