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As I have mentioned that my courses are effective with a group, or as customized one-on-one sessions, here are a few samples of how WriteOn Journaling Workshops have and can be used to help with creative and personal development:

  • Stress and how to shut ‘er down, well at least manage ‘er!
  • Re-Charging Your Creative Juices
  • Recovering your life and whole self in place of addiction
  • Giving meaning to the transitions of life
  • Playful and fun art journaling
  • Navigating being an adult child of an aging parent (My area of specialty and past career)
  • Reconciling Relationships – Finding Perspective Beyond the Past
  • Are You My Father?  Navigating a self-directed and thriving life while missing a dad.
  • Coaching The Coach – Is your client stuck on a ‘speed bump’?  Let’s move them up and over!
  • Allowing the abundance of health through Journaling
  • The unthinkable grief – A constant friend alongside the pain of losing your child to suicide
  • No, Really – Who AM I? ‘Cuz Someone Else is already taken!

These are just a few examples!  Through WriteOn! Journaling I create a customized journal-writing process that caters to your immediate need and resonates for you or your group.

If you’re trying to achieve your goals without using your authentic voice, you can’t even come close to getting what you want.  WriteOn! Journaling allows you to follow your gut and do what feels right while the creative process asks that you always keep both eyes open for what just might be your next great path.  Get over the hump of writer’s block and balance right/left brain function through the art of journaling!  Your level of benefit grows according to your level of willingness.  WriteOn! Journaling encourages you to keep it real and learn to go with your instinct.

Repressed emotions can get stored away in our being where they wreak havoc on our lives. Often, just the act of getting in touch with how our truth feels is enough to bring about great change in our careers and relationships.  Write On! Journaling is the guided access to emotions, feelings and solutions – the conduit to deeper knowledge. And you cannot believe what the research shows Journaling and writing to do for the whole being!! 

Many participants realize creative growth and increased awareness through journaling about their thoughts, senses, feelings, knowledge, intuition, and dreams. Perhaps you had a difficult childhood, have ‘guarded’ your highest self,  struggle with writer’s’ block, or even deeper challenges such as shame, grief or loss.  Journaling is discovering and nurturing development through the joy of creative process.  Through this practice, participants can work past the blocks that have hindered their personal development and Heartfelt Life.  Contact Me Here