As a writer, I’m a warrior who proudly wears her heart on her sleeve. I have a vision to share my passion for the process of Journal Writing to the portion of the world I can reach that has a longing for authenticity and a self-directed life! Compassion and Love are my politics and my religion.

I’m a mother, business owner, fearless writer, Certified Instructor of Journal To The Self ™ and a Licensed Facilitator of The Desire Map ™ Workshops – all while living in the beautiful Napa Valley, California. I began journaling at a very young age, and have spent over 30 years journaling through my own life’s transitions, travels, creative challenges and struggles. I have gone on to train in other’s methods as well as developing many of my own new methods of this practice in order to offer others the ability to strengthen their own life-tool of journaling.

I believe with all that I am, that the benefits of the practice of journaling are enormous, and I’ve spent the past decade studying these benefits along with the benefits of gratitude, compassion, transparency, and self-acceptance. Yes indeed – I fully embrace the human condition – you matter to me! So let’s do this!