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We’re all in this together

We’re all in this together

The shock and disbelief of the last three weeks, I wish I could say I’ve quelled it with a sensible recount. I haven’t.  There has been no similarity of an answer to the “What the hell?”.  There is no believing that what has happened, really did. Although my eyes prove to me that it did, in just one look my heart bears an ache and heaviness. I have no understanding of this. Nothing that makes sense. I can find comparisons that when I verbalize them, they seem shameful to make the match. But I cannot come up with anything that settles my very unsettled heart.

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Last year when I took your workshop on Journaling Sheri, I had heard that Journaling could help free up your mind of trouble spots and to help you work through your personal issues.For me, I had hit a block in my professional life. The job that I once loved and looked forward to doing everyday had become a chore. I was anxious and unhappy.The moment I entered your workshop, I knew I was in the right place. The atmosphere was calm and inviting. You made me feel at ease. Although there were about ten of us in this room I appreciated that no one knew why the other was there. The first class flew by and in remaining weeks of classes, I enjoyed that we had homework and reading assignments to take home and practice. The entire experience was tremendously helpful. Sheri, you have a gift and a calling. What struck me the most is that you have great insight into the human condition and you used that to help me with your unique Journaling and writing methods and abiliiesy.

Today I am running my own company and I have a new perspective on life. I’m a believer in journaling and you, Miss Sheri Kellogg!!

Thank you!

Dana Pellegrini

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After a good length of time, riddled with cynicism toward the idea of Journal Writing being beneficial, I came around..after many conversations and coaching with Sheri. On my own, I finally began journaling and after sitting and writing down my thoughts, I realized how much it helps me to do so. I wrote Sheri and told her, 'I really want to encourage you to continue to develop this. I am experiencing the good it does for me and I am convinced that many others could benefit from it. I think you have something good here, develop it!' Thank you for opening me up to this practice and oh so useful life tool!

Rachel D.

When Sheri told me she was going online with her Journal Writing workshops, I was pleased, but hardly surprised. After all, she has been serving as an unofficial, and invaluable, “journaling mentor” to me for years now.

I’m pleased for Sheri, for being able to find what truly is a calling for her, but even more happy for the people she will be able to help with her wisdom, her patient capacity to listen and share her vast awareness of the therapeutic power of Journal Writing, and her innate ability to help people not just examine their own capacity for growth, but to give a fresh, honest look to ideas, possibilities and techniques they wouldn’t otherwise have been open to exploring. Sheri’s nonjudgment, open mind and trustworthiness have always been there for me. I’m glad to hear those qualities will be there for others, as well.

Grace Bungart

I have known Sheri Kellogg for 47 years. She is my sister and my best friend. I know her to be the most compassionate, understanding, intelligent and spiritual person I know. I have had quite a few struggles in my life. I lost my 12 year old son tragically 4 years ago.

She encouraged me to start a journal for the sole purpose of writing my happy memories of my Son. It has been extremely helpful to me. I am always amazed at how spiritually open she is and willing to embrace life. She is courageous and I shining example to me to go forward and follow my dreams. One of my dreams was to open a sober living house. I wanted to help other people. My sister taught me the best way to get out of your own head and heal is to help other people. She made my dream come true! I now have a sober living house and I have a purpose. Which is extremely fulfilling for me.

Kimberly Tucker

You ROCK sis!!

Sheri, I just had to email you and tell you what happened! The relationship I was in for three years, that ended? Well, it 're-surfaced' recently and I contemplated. BUT, I have to tell you what happened! I went back through my journal writing that you encouraged me to practice. I saw patterns. I wrote down a list of all of the 'disgruntling' parts of the relationship that showed up in these patterns. I presented them to him and asked him, where he was on these issues today, now two years later. He was in EXACTLY the same place as when we ended things!! By writing in my Journal how the relationship experience was for me, I was able to see the patterns and use my own inate intution to know this was still not a place I wanted to go back to. It was like having my mother offer me advice, only it was from within my own intuition! WOW!! this is just amazing to me and I am a 'life-timer', haha! Thank you again for introducing me to Journal writing!

C. M.

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Sign up to join one of my upcoming mini-workshops, 'The Foundations of Journaling'

Although I believe sharing is caring, and you are more than welcome to share my work - this would not be the time nor place for me to be sharing your personal contact information! Never!

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